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Customization of the theme using its HTML / CSS code

Overblog offers you a blog, turnkey!

We saw it in a previous article regarding the management and operation of themes, you have the option of choosing the theme you want for your blog and customize it according to the options that are specific to it.

Appearance >> Select = Choice of the theme you want for your blog

Appearance>> Customize = Access the customization of widgets and options offered by the theme.

The configuration of the theme is part of the customization offered by Overblog which provides you with a blog, turnkey without you needing to have knowledge of HTML.

HTML and CSS for the confirmed! (only with a Premium theme)

On the other hand, it is possible that you want to go further in the customization of your theme and that you want to tackle its code.

Save your theme: the right thing to do!

First of all and before any intervention on the HTML / CSS code of your theme, remember to save it so that you can restore it later in the event of a problem.

When you display the HTML code of your theme, at the top of the screen above the lines of code, you will see a bar containing several buttons:

Use the button displaying a floppy disk to save your theme to your computer as a .
TWIG file that you can then edit with any HTML editor or text editor like Windows Notepad. 
A theme has been modified we call it a forked theme or a custom theme. 

Appearance> Advanced> Edit HTML = Customization of the theme via the HTML / CSS code of the latter!


This manipulation can only be addressed to people confirmed in HTML / CSS language for several reasons: 

- The modifications which you make in the code of a theme can very often come into conflict with the already existing code and cause bugs.

- No technical support can be provided on topics whose code has been modified. If an option no longer works after modifying the code, then the theme must be returned to its initial state. 

- Forked themes cannot get updates made regularly on the platform because they no longer meet the basic criteria.

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